Austin Artist Series up for new season

Published 6:01 pm Sunday, September 25, 2016

Austin High School’s Knowlton Auditorium will host to the 73rd annual Austin Artist Series this year. There will be five different musical acts in Austin as part of the Artist series from October to April. In addition to the Austin concerts, the Austin artist series ticket will serve as a pass to four additional concerts in Osage, Iowa. As well as five additional concerts in Albert Lea.

“Our goal is to provide the community with world class art and music,” said Austin Artist Series President Nancy Dolphin.

The first concert in Austin, Dallas Brass, will feature a song in collaboration with members of the AHS band.

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Stride Piano, which will be in Austin Feb. 10, will bring visual art in addition to their performance.

The concerts which are in Osage will be located at the Cedar River Complex in the Stillman Auditorium. The concerts which are in Albert Lea will be located in The Albert Lea High School Auditorium.

Prices for tickets to access to all 14 concerts are $45 for Adults, $95 for families and $15 for students. Memberships are available Sept.9-22.

For more information on the artist series, call 507-437-2065, visit or  visit AustinArtistSeries on Facebook.

For information about each artist, visit

Austin Artist Series schedule

•Sept. 23: Four Celtic voices, Osage, Iowa

•Sept. 25: Seraph Brass, Albert Lea

•Oct. 15: Fir, Albert Lea

•Oct. 18: Dallas Brass, Austin

•Nov. 15: Jenn Bostic, Austin

•Nov.19: New Odyssey, Osage, Iowa

•Feb. 10: Stride Piano, Austin

•Feb. 23: A Band Called Honalee, Osage, Iowa

5: Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, Albert Lea

•March 11: Acoustic Eidolon, Austin

•March 20: Rhythm Future Quartet, Albert Lea

•April 3: America’s Roots of Pop, Osage, Iowa

•April 26: Wylie & the Wild West, Austin

•May 30: Twin Fiddle Express, Albert Lea