Letter: Moderate, Safe, and Boring?

Published 9:10 am Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hillary has announced her VP choice and much is being said about it. Senator Tim Kaine is being described as a moderate, a safe choice, and “boring” (his self description).

Senator Kaine started his law career in Virginia by advocating for fair housing during the early 1980’s. In 1998, he won a jury verdict against Nationwide Insurance for the company’s discriminatory lending practices. As governor of Virginia, he stood up to the gun lobby, cut all funds for abstinence-only sex education, and he rejected calls to defund Planned Parenthood. These actions may not fit the definition of moderate.

Senator Kaine is a Spanish speaking Catholic who wants to get immigration reform passed. He may not be a totally safe choice in some people’s opinion.

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Senator Kaine has been described as a Midwestern populist. He is a guy who is even more likable when there are no cameras on him, a family man, and someone who likes to get things done. If these are “boring” traits, I wish more people were boring – especially in the current political climate.

All elections are important, but this November may bring us one of the most consequential in recent history. Please think carefully and wisely when exercising your right to vote.

Nancy Bakke-McGonigle

Austin, MN