Letter: Thanks for supporting Friends of the Library book sale

Published 8:53 am Monday, June 6, 2016

On behalf of the Austin Public Library, its board of directors and our entire community, I would like to share a heartfelt thank you to the Friends of the Library and the Austin branch of the AAUW. Their recent book sale raised over $5,000 for scholarships and library projects. It required hard work from many volunteers, lots of donations of used books, and generous shoppers to make the fundraiser successful.

The book sale relies on hundreds of hours of volunteer labor. A dedicated group spent long days carrying, sorting and arranging literally tons of books, ran the sale, and spent yet more time cleaning up afterwards. I am sure that many in our community do not realize how much work is required to prepare for the sale. The volunteers carried out all of these tasks with enthusiasm and efficiency.

The Austin community is fortunate to have organizations with such high-caliber volunteers, who are willing to put their efforts into providing this service. The book sales not only generate funds for the library and for AAUW post-secondary scholarships, but also give people an opportunity to share books they no longer need through donation, and allow others to add to their collections at a very reasonable cost. On top of that, many people comment that attending the book sale is just plain fun, since it is so well-organized and provides such a great variety of materials.

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Again, please accept our deep appreciation for your support of the library and the community.

Ann Hokanson, Director

Austin Public Library