Society news: Dec. 6

Published 8:20 pm Saturday, December 5, 2015

Brownsdale Study Club

Rena Perrigo entertained the Brownsdale Study Club on Nov. 18, 2015.

President Fern Paschke called the meeting to order with members reading the collect. October minutes and the treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Nine members answered roll call with rhyming poem of five lines called a limerick. Three of the limericks were especially funny.

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Mildred Johnson presented a poem by Edward Lear.

There was an old man in a tree

Who was horribly bored by a bee.

When they asked, “Does it buzz?”

He replied, “Yes it does.

It’s a regular brute of a bee.”

Sarah Hatten’s poem was one of imagery:

My face in the mirror isn’t wrinkled.

My house isn’t dirty; the cobwebs are gone.

My garden looks lovely and so does my lawn.

I think, I might never ever put my glasses back on.

Rena Perrigo wrote one about our study club:

We are the Brownsdale Study Club.

who read, recite and report,

Twelve ladies and not a male to retort.

We enjoy the afternoon to gather and learn.

Next month, Hazel, it will be your turn.

For old business, a gift basket prepared by Sarah Hatten was given from the study club to Eileen O’Connor to thank her for her help in making up our yearly calendars.

New business was an approval of a holiday donation of $50 to the Salvation Army from our club. Motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Sarah and seconded by Joyce.

Hostess for our December meeting will be Hazel Schlichting.

Mildred Johnson gave the outside reading on “Remember When.” All doors led to the kitchen.

In the early 1900s the kitchen was the family room’ the hub and heart of the house. Practically, every activity occurred there.

The queen of the kitchen was the black range or cookstove. The day always started with the stove. Dad or a brother went down every morning to get the kindling wood or coal fire started in the stove. The tea kettle would be put on to heat water. Soon the coffee began boiling in the pot and the smell of bacon filled the house. When colder days came, snow began to fall and strong winds rattled the shutters. The big black stove warmed our bodies as we huddled around it. It warmed you, cooked your meals, heated the bathe water and the flatirons used for ironing the clothes too.

Throughout every day, chores had to be done. Children helped to chop wood and haul in the water, set the table, prepare the meals and wash and clear away the dishes. Then the warmth of the stove brought a feeling of pleasure and comfort.

it was a kind of happy magic that invaded the house.

Second in importance to the stove was the kitchen table. It could be a huge round walnut table or a square table covered with oilcloth. It was there that the bread was kneaded and shaped into loaves and pies and cookies were made. In spare moments, activity around the table included books, games, paper dolls and homework. The family would make a batch of fudge or cups of cocoa with melting marshmallows. Popcorn was the most frequent treat, slathered with salt and butter and eaten by handfuls.

Parents and children shared fascinating times together. Those times were the good old days.

Rena served a tasty, cherry, blueberry cake for lunch.

 Golden Age Club

The November meeting was conducted by Everett De Young. Opened by the club members reciting the flag pledge.

Chaplain Hazel Baldner read a reading, entitled, “Beautiful Wings.” No matter where we look each day we can see beautiful things, each day a different kind of wings.

The secretary and treasurer’s reports were read. A total of $986.67 reported by Ruth. Both reported by Ruth VanHooser. Both reports accepted. First by Sally Michels and second by Roman Kikuts. Wally Meyer is a new club member.

New business presented to the club members concerned the Christmas dinner. The club committee met and presented this to the club. The club will pay for each members meal. Date to be decided, Dec. 9 or Dec. 16. Menu to be voted on roast beef or Swiss steak. The club voted on the matters concerning the Christmas dinner. The date Dec. 9 and the menu served to be Swiss steak. The dinner time is 12:30 p.m.

That day the $1 card playing fee is not collected. Sign up sheet is ready today. Please sign up by Nov. 18 to attend the dinner.

The committee would like to thank Lucille Stratton and Ruth VanHooser for their dedicated service.

Everett DeYoung has agreed to be president for the next year. Sylvia Ginder has accepted the secretary position.

Roman Kikuts has accepted the nomination for vice president. Hazel Baldner will accept the nomination to be the club’s treasurer.

Birthdays celebrated in November were by Betty Johnson, Martha Hagan, Roman Kikuts and Linda Noske.

 Duplicate Bridge

Tournament results for Nov. 25, 2015, four tables played: First place, Dave Ring and Orrion Roisen; second place: Rick Stroup and Gene Domino; third place: Bud Higgins and Loren Cleland, fourth place, Jim Fisher and Larry Crowe.

Duplicate Bridge is played each Wednesday at noon at the Mower County Senior Center in Austin. All Bridge players are welcome. Call Dave Ring at 507-434-4189.