Woodson helps set the stage; Kindergarten center aims to engage, empower students

Published 10:24 am Friday, October 9, 2015

By Jessica Cabeen

Woodson Kindergarten Center Principal

Kindergarten — we all come with different memories and experiences from our time at the entrance point to the K-12 school system. Here at the Woodson Kindergarten Center the teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, cafeteria staff, success coaches, administrative assistant and principal all work together towards a common goal: engaging and empowering all students for life.

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Engagement at Woodson takes the form of brain-based curriculum embedded in movement activities for students during daily Boost-Up and gym time. During language arts students are using the MONDO curriculum to enhance and build on foundational skills of reading. Embedded within instruction in math, teachers highlight daily what students are learning and how they demonstrate this knowledge through posted content and language objectives.

Incorporating technology at Woodson has taken an exciting turn this year. Each classroom teacher has six iPad’s in their classroom. Through the work of the Woodson iPad Committee students will engage in “teacher approved” apps that correlate with classroom instruction while enhancing learning through this highly engaging device.

Empowering all learners with five- and six-year-olds really tackles learning school vocabulary and understanding expectations at school. Woodson is in year two of a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education to implement positive behavioral interventions and supports — a research-based framework for proactive classroom management.

Yes, this and so much more goes on throughout the school day for all our students. Some of our students also benefit from services provided for by our intervention, English language learning, and special education teachers. These teachers support students in a variety of settings, achieve common goals and prepare them for positive school experiences.