Letter: Thanks for helping stranded motorist

Published 9:41 am Thursday, September 10, 2015

I would like to take a moment to publicly thank one of your citizens for his assistance last Friday. My daughter was traveling from college to the Iowa Great Lakes to work the Labor Day weekend when our Suburban flashed a warning of low oil pressure. She was stopped on the side of the road on a very HOT day, talking to me about the situation, when a man stopped to ask if she needed help. As I worried on the other end of the line, he quickly assessed the situation and in consultation with a friend of his, they determined that the oil needed to be drained (roadside) and a heavier weight oil replaced in order to get her down the road. He quickly drove off and purchased the oil and supplies and brought them to the vehicle and proceeded to change the oil on the spot. My daughter was able to get back on the road, and safely make it to her job. While the situation with the vehicle is not solved, the actions of this good Samaritan bought her enough time to get the car home safely.

Many thanks to Tom Rauen for his kindness in helping a stranded motorist. As I told him in my thank you note, “There is nothing more disturbing, than to find out your kid is stranded on the side of the interstate, hours from her destination, and no way to get to her. You are the Good Samaritan that I knew existed, but sometimes never meet! There are lots of good people in the world, and I count you as one of the very best!”

I will never travel down I-90 and not think of the kindness that one of your citizens did for my family.

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Thank you for the opportunity to publicly acknowledge Tom for his good deed!


Jill Brosnahan

Perry, Iowa