Alcohol is no excuse for assault; Report issues even if liquor is involved

Published 10:13 am Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lana Hollerud

Crime Victims Resource Center

Ninety percent of all campus rapes involve alcohol according to a study by Georgia Regents University.

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Even though alcohol use and sexual assault frequently occur together, it does not mean that the alcohol use, by victim or perpetrator, causes sexual assault. Students aren’t sexually assaulted because they were drinking; they are sexually assaulted because they have contact with someone who chooses to be a rapist. Telling students if they don’t drink they won’t be sexually assaulted is erroneous and dangerous.

Sexual assault perpetrators use alcohol consumption as an excuse for their behavior. However, sexual assault is a crime of violence, it results when one person imposes their will on another.

Sexual assaults are rarely reported to law enforcement because victims believe they may be blamed because alcohol was involved. But alcohol consumption should never be a reason not to report the assault.

If you know somebody in this situation encourage them to contact staff at Crime Victims Resource Center. We will assist them in a non-judgmental manner to help them explore their options, provide advocacy, and support their decisions in a confidential setting. All services of Crime Victims Resource Center are free of charge.