A pair of special B-days at the HHH

Published 11:56 am Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 25 marks the birthdays of two Hormel women, George’s sister, Charlotte, and his daughter-in-law, Germaine.



Charlotte Hormel was born in 1872, the ninth child of John and Susannah Hormel. She was born in Toledo, Ohio, where she completed her primary schooling. She graduated from the Chicago Kindergarten College which is an example of the Hormel family’s value on continuing education.

Charlotte spent some time living in Austin. An October 1, 1898, article in the Austin Daily Herald wrote that she was hosting a Central Presbyterian Y.P.S.O.E sociable at her home on St. Paul Street, which is where she lived with her mother. On April 18, 1900, Charlotte married Angus M. Stewart at her mother’s home, with her brother, William Henry, officiating. The announcement in the Mower County Transcript stated that the wedding was private with only relatives being present and that a reception for friends was held in the evening. The short write-up said that “Mr. and Mrs. Stewart went to Cleveland for a brief wedding trip and will be at home in Chicago where Mr. Stewart is in the fancy art advertising business.”

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The couple spent a few years in Iowa and then settled in Yakima, WA, with their four children. Angus died in 1938. Charlotte lived the remainder of her life in Los Angeles with her sister Lizzie. She died on July 3, 1952, and was buried with her husband in Yakima.

Germaine Dubois Hormel was born in 1896 in LaVernelle, France, the daughter of Louis and Adeline DuBois. She had worked as a milliner in both Paris and Tours, France. Jay met Germaine in 1918 while serving in the Army during World War I. They was married in 1922 and spent their married life in Austin.

Germaine died on January 4, 1991 and several friends wrote of her many wonderful qualities. “She was a very gracious person and very generous.” “She was a great lady.” “She always made everyone feel so welcome.” “Mrs. Hormel



was more than just friendly. She was vivacious, very vivacious.” “She was just so chic…she was a very special person.”

Germaine moved to California full time in 1960, six years after Jay’s death. She removed the original retirement home of George and Lillian Hormel and built her own 9,200 square foot estate where she lived until her death. Her funeral was held at Queen of Angels Catholic Church on Jan. 10, 1991, with a reception following at the family’s former residence, now known as Gerard.

Both Hormel women left their mark in the family and we celebrate their birthdays this week.

 Free Garden Concerts

Monday, June 22,

•2 p.m. The Teddy Bear Band, a Twin Cities favorite, will perform. Following the concert, guests are encouraged to participate in chalk art downtown on Third Avenue Northwest. Bruiser, of the Bruins, will also be in attendance.

•6:30 p.m. Members of the Teddy Bear Band transform into The Resistors to perform high energy versatile music for all ages.

 Free Garden Concert

6:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 1,

The Austin Community Jazz Band will perform an entertaining set of traditional jazz favorites that all will enjoy.