George’s respect for mom was clear

Published 7:01 am Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

As the mother of two boys I have a collection of cute Mother’s Day cards-some hand-made in school and several store bought, thanks to my husband. It is fun to go through them once in a while and dwell on the days gone by. I received a new driver for my golf bag this year-I like their (and their father’s) creativity.

Following is a portion of a letter dated August 14, 1887 that George Hormel sent to his mother in Toledo, Ohio. I am sure she eagerly awaited correspondence from all her children. George’s respect for her is obvious in the text.

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“Dear Mother:

Have not written to you for some time, and no doubt you are anxious to hear from me. You say you are glad that I am going to quit the road. Well, so am I. I am awful tired of it. I am sure of success at Austin, Minn. More so than ever I was before in any enterprise.

Received a letter from Susie, also Henry, and it pleased me very much. Susie says she is having a good time, and they were all enjoying it so much. I’m afraid I must disappoint you this summer in taking our trip to Buffalo. Wish you would go out with the girls to Lake Side. Think it would do you so much good. I’m so sorry I can’t run home and spend a month before starting in. I would compel you to go to Lake Side or some other resort and rest awhile. Next year I will be my own boss and having a partner — you can depend on my coming. I will try and make up for lost time then. You will be my best girl and we will visit Buffalo and Lake Chautauqua without fail, also Detroit. Hope you will continue to be as strong and hearty as you are now.

Why don’t you write oftener? I enjoy reading your letters as you are the only one to give any news and I feel lost not to find a letter from you when I come in off the road.

Hoping these lines find you happy and well.

I remain ever,

Your son,

Geo. A. Hormel”

I would love to receive such a letter from my boys someday, but in this culture of electronic messages and abbreviations, I will be grateful for any form of communication.

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