Letter: Speak out before MSHSL transgender policy vote

Published 10:07 am Sunday, November 30, 2014

On Dec. 4, 2014, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) will hold their Board of Directors meeting in Brooklyn Center. On the agenda is the topic of MSHSL’s transgender policy. If this policy is passed, this will result in allowing students to compete on teams opposite their biological sex, based on their self stated gender identity. For example, if a male athlete sincerely believes his core identity is female, then he would be allowed to compete in girls track, basketball, swimming or any other MSHSL sponsored sports. This would include the use of the girls’ locker room and shower facilities.

If you believe this policy is appropriate and helpful, then I would encourage you to do nothing. If you believe this policy is unnatural, unhealthy, and ill-advised, then I encourage you to make your voice heard by contacting the MSHSL board member who represents Austin before Dec. 4 at smccready@schs.k12.mn.us. To read the proposed transgender policy for yourself, you may visit their website at www.mshsl.org.


Dr. David Needham,