Branching out on the web

Published 5:23 pm Saturday, November 8, 2014

By Grace Heimsness

Austin Artworks Education  and Marketing Coordinator

Last week, in introducing the Austin Area Commission for the Art’s new website, I touched on why we’ve been working hard to improve our online presence.

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With more and more of our waking hours dedicated to the screens in front of us, our communities are moving into neighborhoods that have nothing to do with zip codes or geography. Like it or not, being neighborly now requires all of us to reach beyond the corporeal.

The AACA isn’t the only neighbor looking to branch out. This summer, an expanding group of local arts organizations called Unified Arts in Austin launched a cooperative blog — — which endeavors to encapsulate all things artistic in Austin and the surrounding area. Here you’ll find everything from casting calls to behind-the-scenes video to first looks at upcoming events.

One particularly helpful feature is the sidebar on the left of the page. Visitors can click on a tag or category to filter the blog’s posts accordingly, which means if you want to see nothing but posts by Riverland Theatre, or posts about music, you can do so with a single click.

The blog has been slowly building in breadth and depth, and representatives from The Austin Artist Series, Northwestern Singers, Austin Symphony Orchestra, Riverland, Summerset, Matchbox, and Paramount Theatres, and the ArtWorks Center will continue to build our little corner of the neighborhood. Come and say hi at, and stay tuned for new additions.