Hayfield brothers try to bring Fallon to wedding

Published 8:01 am Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tyler and fiancée Krystine Svoboda. Photo provided

Tyler and fiancée Krystine Svoboda. Photo provided

Two Hayfield natives have a big idea for their brother’s wedding.

While some brides may imagine big dresses and a perfect ceremony for their big day, brothers Tony and Tanner Kramer dream of bringing “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon to their brother Tyler Kramer and his fiancé Krystine Svoboda’s wedding.

The idea to invite Fallon came up in June when the brothers first discussed their ideas for a best man’s speech.

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At Tony’s wedding two years ago, Tyler performed his speech in the form of a “slow jam”— a Fallon trademark.

“We wanted to do something really cool and unique,” Tony said. “But we thought ‘we can’t just do another slow jam, we’re too competitive’.”

If the brothers get their way, Fallon would help them “slow jam” their best man’s speech.

“[Fallon] is a very personable guy who would totally love being in a small-town farm wedding,” Tony said.

Since its inception, the brothers have taken to Twitter and Youtube to try and capture Fallon’s attention.

“We decided ‘if we’re going to go after Jimmy, we’re gonna have to do something eye-catching,’” Tony said.

A YouTube video posted over a month ago includes a mock audition of potential replacements for Fallon that didn’t work out. The brothers also portray their hometown Hayfield in a humorous manner as a must-see vacation destination for Fallon.

The brothers also challenged Fallon to a game of “butt darts” in the video, appealing to “The Tonight Show’s’” competitive games often seen between Jimmy and guests.

As of Friday afternoon, the two raised $4,220 through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. They hope to raise $5,000 by midnight on Aug. 11.

Though the campaign continues to receive more attention, the brothers are still trying to keep the potential appearance a surprise.

“We’re trying to keep it as much as possible a secret from him,” Tony said.

The brothers have connected with representatives for Fallon and a final answer could come soon.

“They can never commit to an exact event until a couple weeks before, but they’re willing to help otherwise if Fallon himself can’t make an appearance,” Tony said.

If Fallon can’t fly out to Hayfield, the money raised from an Indiegogo campaign will go toward sending the couple to New York City to watch “The Tonight Show” live.

“If there was any celebrity who would do something like this, it’d be Jimmy Fallon,” Tony said in a press release. “He’s interactive and … he’s one of us — an average guy who became the head of ‘The Tonight Show.’”