Swimmng: Packer boys down Huskies

Published 11:12 pm Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Austin boys swimming and diving team beat Owatonna 92-83 in Bud Higgins Pool Saturday.

Austin’s Craig Heimark took first in the 100-yard and 200-yard freestyles, Ben Carroll took first in the 200-yard individual medley, Ian Christopherson took first in the 50-yard freestyle, Alec Anderson took first in diving, Seth Clasen won the 100-yard butterfly and Sawyer Myers took first in the 500-yard freestyle relay.

The Austin 200-yard medley relay team of Ben Walker, Matthew Knoll, Seth Clasen and Ben Carroll took first, the 200-yard freestyle relay team of Heimark, Seth Clasen, Myers and Ian Christopherson took first and the 400-yard freestyle relay team of Heimark, Isaac Christopherson, Myers and Ian Christopherson took first.

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200-medley relay: Ben Walker, Matthew Knoll, Seth Clasen, Ben Carroll (first, 1:50.72); Sam Clasen, Andrew Baker, Mitchell Mayer, Zach Newman (third, 1:55.68)

200-freestyle: Craig Heimark (first, 1:49.10); Isaac Christopherson (second, 1:56.41); Joshua Snee (fifth, 2:10.50)

200-individual medley: Ben Carroll (first, 2:11.29); Sawyer Myers (second, 2:11.76); ben Walker (fourth, 2:16.36)

50-freestyle: Ian Christopherson (first, 22.35); Seth Clasen (third, 23.99); Mathew Knoll (fifth, 24.44)

Diving: Alec Anderson (first, 237.40); Jacob Browning (third, 130.35); Noah Kinney (fourth, 123.40)

100-butterfly: Seth Clasen (first, 58.45); Ben Walker (second, 59.23); Ben Carroll (third, 59.29)

100-freestyle: Craig Heimark (first, 48.78); Ian Christopherson (second, 50.03); Sam Clasen (third, 55.84)

500-freestyle: Sawyer Myers (first, 5:12.55); Isaac Christopherson (second, 5:13.98); Joshua Snee (third, 5:52.13)

200-yard freestyle relay: Craig Heimark, Seth Clasen, Sawyer Myers, Ian Christopherson (first, 1:33.44); Giancarlo Marconi, Andrew Baker, Carter Oster, Joshua Snee (fifth, 1:50.46)

100-backstroke: Sam Clasen (second, 1:05.77); Kaleb Blaser (fourth, 1:08.67); Mitchell Mayer (fifth, 1:09.22)

100-breaststroke: Andrew Baker (second, 1:15.90); Matthew Knoll (third, 1:16.22); Zach Newman (fifth, 1:17.52)

400-freestyle relay: Craig Heimark, Isaac Christopherson, Sawyer Myers, Ian Christopherson (first, 3:26.42); Ben Walker, Joshua Snee, Zach Newman, Sam Clasen (third, 3:54.44)