From Austin to Africa

Published 10:33 am Friday, February 14, 2014

Cornerstone group to join Soles for Jesus mission trip

Missy Cline has had shoes on the mind as of late.

It’s not about a shoe collection in her closet. She doesn’t want to go shopping. She wants to help others get shoes, which may seem like a simple proposition, but in areas of Africa like Zambia it’s a big deal. Cline, Mary Regitschnig and Jessica Broberg from Cornerstone Church will join the mission Soles for Jesus in May and spend several days in Africa distributing shoes and sharing the word of God.

A total of 13 people will attend the trip from May 1 to May 13, along with Soles for Jesus founder Diane Struder of Milwaukee.

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Struder visited Cornerstone last fall, and Cline, seeking to do a mission trip some day, thought the time was finally right. She was inspired.

“It just felt right,” Cline said. “I signed up.”

The mission is to get shoes to people who can’t obtain them. It seems a little awkward, but those going on the trip have learned people in some regions of Africa can’t live normal lives without shoes.

“I’ve always been able to open up a closet and have a closet full of shoes,” Cline said. “In Africa, children aren’t even able to go to school or have a job without shoes.”

With Soles for Jesus, they’ll solve that problem, and share some ministry along the way.

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