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Published 5:01 pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

By Holly Johnson

Hormel Historic Home

The fiscal year of the Hormel Historic Home runs from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31, which means we have just completed another great year.

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Every year at this time the annual membership drive is kicked off. As a nonprofit organization the HHH is funded by facility rentals, group tours, grants, and private donations.

Our membership drive provides much-needed income to sustain the everyday function of the property, including house maintenance, gardening, insurance premiums, wages, and much more. It helps offset our expenses, so we can offer discounted rental rates to other non-profits, provide free summer programming for Kids Korner, schedule free educational presentations for the community and support a portion of our Autism services.

Being a member of the Home is not a new thing.  Ever since the YWCA occupied the space, members have contributed funds to help with the costs of upkeep. In fact, in 1928, it is recorded that 570 women were members of the YWCA. In an article dated Feb. 9, 1928, the budget of the Home was reported to be $4,550. Revenue was generated from the eight rooms rented as living quarters to area women. Church organizations rented the drawing room, the dining room and the kitchen for $1.50 while other organizations were charged $3.

According to Mrs. J.G.W. Havens, President of the local YWCA, “all of these receipts go into the general fund to cover the operating costs and upkeep. The board has ruled that the receipts from memberships are to go into a separate fund to take care of incidental expenses. Part of this might be used once a year to entertain the membership.”

At that time the Membership Committee made it a point to invite members to an annual social gathering as a way of saying thank you to its donors. In a Feb. 11, 1928, newspaper article it was said by Mrs. Havens, that “the purpose of these meetings (membership parties) is that you may become familiar with this home, and enjoy coming here for it’s yours.”

Although our budget is now significantly higher and the rental rates have increased a bit, we still operate in much the same way as the Y of the late 1920s.

September will now be HHH Membership Party Month, and I invite all current and past members to stop in sometime this month for coffee and a treat and to say hello between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. We appreciate all our past members and hope that you will consider supporting the Home as a member again in our next fiscal year.

Sept. 1-30 Membership Party Month

All members are invited to stop in for coffee and a treat during regular business hours.

Social Concerns

Tuesday, September 17

Please note the date. The event is Sept. 17 not Sept. 10 as previously printed.

Jason Richards from Austin Acupuncture will present on the many benefits of this ancient science. Program is free and treats will be provided.

Please register by calling 507-433-4243.

 21st Italian Murder Mystery Dinner

Saturday, September 6 p.m.

A mystery will be performed by the 17th Street Players, and we need you to solve it.

Tickets are $30 per person or $200 for a table of 8.  Order online at or by calling the HHH, 507-433-4243.