Packer swimmers fall to Northfield

Published 11:06 pm Thursday, August 29, 2013

NORTHFIELD — The Austin girls swimming and diving team lost the defending state champion team from Northfield by a score of 98-85 on the road Thursday.

Austin’s lone win came from Maddie Kinney in the 100-yard backstroke as she won the race by one-tenth of a second.


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200-medley relay: Maddie Kinney, Jessi Bednar, Hannah Schwemmler, Abby Gogolewski (second, 2:06.94); Emma Kleis, Zoe Dolan-Peterson, Kaya Feist, Paige Sunderman (third, 2:17.98)

200-freestyle: Merideth Fritz (second, 2:10.04); Kristina Thorson (fourth, 2:21.85); Hannah Burkhart (sixth, 2:27.06)

200-individual medley: Maddie Kinney (third, 2:32.58); Jessi Bednar (fifth, 2:50.45); Kaya Feist (sixth, 2:56.54); 50-freestyle: Heather Johnson (third, 27.34); Mikayla Finney (fourth, 27.48); Hannah Schwemmler (sixth, 29.22); diving: Autumn Laury (third, 205.85); Bailey Corey (fourth, 147.55); Michelle Erdahl (sixth, 121.65)

100-butterfly: Merdideth Fritz (second, 1:06.83); Hannah Schwemmler (third, 1:10.23); Kaya Feist (fifth, 1:24.73)

100-freestyle: Mikayla Finney (third, 1:00.84); Heather Johnson (fourth, 1:01.00); Emma Kleis (fifth, 1:03.00)

500-freestyle: Kristina Thorson (third, 6:15.07); Paige Sunderman (fifth, 6:49.68)

200-freestyle relay: Heather Johnson, Merideth Fritz, Hannah Schwemmler, Mikayla Finney (second, 1:50.19); Hannah Burkhart, Summer White, Abby Gogolewski, Paige Sunderman (third, 1:58.90); Jordyn Aakre, Zoe Dolan-Peterson, Jessi Bednar, Kristina Thorson (fourth, 2:03.00)

100-backstroke: Maddie Kinney (first, 1:07.50); Emma Kleis (fourth, 1:12.71); Elora Hughes (fourth, 1:33.25)

100-breaststroke: Jessi Bednar (second, 1:20.02); Shannan Kelly (fifth, 1:32.35); Zoe Dolan-Peterson (sixth, 1:33.25)

400-freestyle relay: Merideth Fritz, Heather Johnson, Maddie Kinney, Mikayla Finney (second, 3:59.93); Hannah Burkart, Abby Gogolewski, Kristina Thorson, Emma Kleis (fourth, 4:26.90); Paige Sunderman, Elora Hughes, Shannan Kelly, Kaya Feist (sixth, 4:38.61)