Advisory ends, but hot conditions continue

Published 5:50 am Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The National Weather Service’s heat advisory may have expired, but the warm, muggy conditions are sticking around.

Temperatures are expected to drop from the 90-degree weather of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to highs in the upper 80s the rest of the week, according to NWS. Heat indices are expected to range from 90 to 100 through Saturday, which is a bit cooler than the 100 to 110-degree heat indices of earlier this week.

Still, the weather service issued a special statement Wednesday morning warning that the long duration of the heat could take a toll.

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The weather service warns the prolonged heat and muggy conditions will lead to a heightened risk of heat-related illness.

The weather service also urged people to take precautions when spending time outside and to reschedule strenuous activities for the early morning or evenings.