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A summer of softball

One of Austin’s best treasurers is Todd Park. The past few summers I was able to spend most of my evenings out at the ball fields watching my daughter Trinity play softball.

July 20 and 21 Austin was able to host the state tournament. More than 20 teams came to Austin to compete in the 12, 14 and 16U tournament. My daughter is on the 12U team.

All summer I was able to sit in the dug out with 12 screaming girls. I was the bookkeeper, the mom, the person to get Band-Aid, I put on helmet straps, I was bat girl, earring holder, you name it I did it.

These girls practiced two days a week, played in three tournaments and played two nights a week for games. Their record was 20-1. They worked hard all summer to be competitive and be the best girls they could be. This showed at state. These girls worked so hard that they got the top seed in their bracket and were able to have a bye and go right into the winners bracket.

Next game they played Fairmont. Their first game started a little rough but they pulled by swinging the bat and playing great defense. The next game for the day was the other Austin team. They challenged themselves. They set a goal to have great defense and challenged each other. The next day they played Fairmont again for the title championship game. These girls played good both offense and defense and they were able to win the title.

The hard work and dedication paid off. Coach Dan and Faye always pushed these girls to be better and show improvement from the last game. The reminded the girls of their goals and told them if we play our game we will win.

Thanks Dan and Faye for coaching and making it a great season for these girls. I know I learned a lot even sitting in the dug out and keeping book for you.