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The joys of paging through old yearbooks

Last week I was digging through some old files looking for some pictures for a project that I am helping with for the Pacelli 100 years. While I didn’t find what I was exactly looking for, I found some good treasure and many laughs.

One of the treasures I found was the Pacelli 1991 Talisman yearbook. It’s one of many yearbooks in the Herald library. While paging through the 1991 yearbook, I just had to laugh at some of the hairstyles: the big hair, mullets and perms. The outfits were awesome. Several kids wore sweatshirts from the big colleges like Yale and Duke.

Pacelli had may sports back then, and school spirit was good. The basketball team was the District 2A champions. Gary Erlandson was the coach, and nine guys were on the varsity team. The golf team had a lot of players, and the boys team tied in the Hiawatha Valley League conference title, sending two golfers to state. There was softball, baseball, tennis and track just to name a few. Cheerleading was very active in several sports.

They had several events going throughout the year. Homecoming looked like a hit, and they had their king and queen. The Snow week looked like it had a lot of fun events going on.

At the end of the yearbook there are a bunch of sponsor ads. A couple that stand out that I remember are Elden’s IGA and Bissen TV and Appliance. Some I have never heard of, like Austin Printing and Graphics, Campos One Hour Cleaners. One funny sponsor from the Pee-Wee Herman Fan Club said, “Be a liver of life and not a gallbladder.”

It’s always fun to go back and look through old year books and just laugh at some of the outfits, hairstyles and just the pictures in general. Thinking of that, I should look through mine from 14 or so years ago. I am sure I would get some of the same laughs.