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Plenty to look forward to at the fair

One of the things that I look forward to do every year is going to the Mower County Fair. Its always fun to see all the animals, vendors and of course all the new food at the concessions.

One of the best memories that I have there is a few years ago, Lee Bonordon convinced me that I needed to be in the cow milking contest. This was a contest with other media people and the dairy princesses. Now, me being a city girl and never being on a farm or even that close and personal to a cow, I had no idea how to even begin milking. So I had to ask around to so I would be prepared for this event.

I showed up and was ready for the challenge. I was trying to remember all of the things that I was told on how to win this contest. I sat down on this little wood stool and met my cow that I was about to milk or attempt too. I began the milking process and right away the cow starts kicking his back legs. The owner of the cow and the one in charge of the contest said, “Now would be a good time to move quick.” I jumped up and ran several feet away not knowing what was going to happen. The cow had to go to the bathroom. Glad I missed that one. After the cow was done we were able to get back to business and finish this contest. After the contest and all the participants were done milking, lets just say I didn’t win. But, I sure did have fun and I am always up for challenge.

I also enjoy the food. How can you go wrong with some greasy food? You always have to have Tom Thumb donuts and some greasy cheese curds. Yet, one of the staples that we seem to always stand in line for is Godfathers Pizza. I think it tastes better at the fair some reason or it’s a good home cooked meal at the St. Olaf fair booth.

No matter what you are doing — whether it’s milking a cow, showing animals or eating some greasy food — take time to go and enjoy the Mower County Fair next week.