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Published 2:03 pm Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mower County Genealogical Society

The Mower County Genealogical Society met on Wednesday, June 5 at the Austin Public Library. The group welcomed prospective new member Maxine DeVreize.

The business meeting was opened by Barb Langan, and minutes were read by Gene Notermann, due to the absence of our treasurer, Carol Evenson. The past month’s report was accepted. Colette Chaffee displayed several news programs from other societies and handed out the club’s newsletters. Following the business meeting, Polly Jelinek, our quest speaker for the evening, spoke on growing up in Austin, the changes which have taken place and the growth of industry. Her presentation included pictures. She continued by discussing how some of her ancestors actually served in the Civil War. Jelinek wore a three-leaf clover belonging to her uncle, who served in the Minnesota Regiment. The meeting was also attended by Sue Doosey of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Our next meeting will be July 3, 2013, at the Austin Public Library in the small meeting room. There will not be a meeting in August because of the Mower County Fair. Check with Sue or Dustin at the Mower County Historical Society office to volunteer for the fair.

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Brownsdale Study Club

The June meeting of the Brownsdale Study Club met at the home of Sarah Hatten on June 19. The reading of the collect opened the meeting. The May minutes were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read. Roll call question: What do you like about summer? Ten members were present.

Old business included final plans for the outing to the Rose Pedaler in Rose Creek and celebrating Hazel’s 90th birthday with an upcoming open house.

New business: 2014 will be the 90th year, plan a special time.

Rena gave an outside reading. Weddings should be planned a year ahead. Flying the flag on Flag Day is a strong statement of support for the country and those who fought and fight for freedoms. Father’s day was started by Sonora Dodd in honor of her father, and President Nixon made it a permanent official holiday in 1972.

LaVonne presented the main topic on Lookout Lodges. Fire lookout towers are a way to get a good view of the surrounding area and are inexpensive per night. Permits are issues through the National Recreation Service. Some units are reached by high-clearance vehicles or on horseback. Most facilities are primitive, with no electricity or running water. Most towers were built in the 1930s for firewatchers. Now computerized lightning detection systems and air patrols locate most wildfires.


Duplicate Bridge

Tournament results for June 26 with five tables played: first, Dave Magee and Tom Flaherty; second, Dave Ring and Orrion Roisen; third, Eunice Michaelis and Warren Behrends; fourth, Edna Knobbe and Georgia Bissen; fifth, Joyce Crowe and Millie Seiver.

Duplicate Bridge is played each Wednesday at noon at the Mower County Senior Center in Austin. All Bridge players are welcome. Call Dave Ring at 507-434-4189 for partnership assistance or additional information.