AHS is looking for donations for a new weight room

Published 6:18 pm Friday, July 5, 2013

Austin High School is looking to make some improvements and it’s hoping the community will lend a hand.

AHS is looking to raise $425,000 in funds to help build a new weight room, a new wrestling room and add drop down batting cages.

“The goal is building a solid foundation for the future for our kids,” AHS Activities Director Lisa Quednow-Bickler said. “Right now our weight room, in comparison to other Big Nine schools, is different and lacking.”

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Quednow-Bickler said that Faribault High School recently added a $700,000 weight room that was completely funded by donations and she’s hoping AHS can do the same. She’s hoping to have the project completed by the spring of 2014.

“The community is so supportive of Packer athletics and activities. We’re hoping to get some good donations,” Quednow-Bickler said.

The weight room will be built in the current wrestling room above Packer Gym and the wrestling room would be moved to the Annex Gym. The dance team will move its practices to Holton, a new building at Ellis Middle School and the drop down cages will be placed in Hastings Gym.

The project will affect every sports program at AHS and it will have an impact on the weight lifting classes that are held at the school as well.

“It should be pretty exciting. We’re kind of encompassing a large group of people,” Quednow-Bickler said. “Strength training is huge and you can see the towns that rely on it. Especially on our girls’ side, I think our girls need to get faster and stronger to compete.”

The current Packer weight room is a little undersized, but it gets used on a regular basis. Quednow-Bickler is hoping this project will make even more students get in and lift.

“I’m hoping that if it’s an inviting place that people will want to be there,” she said.

As of now the school district isn’t providing any funds for the project so all of the money must be provided by donations.