I-90 ramps closing soon

Published 10:41 am Tuesday, June 18, 2013

By Trey Mewes
and Matt Peterson

Interstate projects still on target, but weather slows other local work

Traffic could become quite congested around Austin during the next few days as construction crews will close several ramps on Interstate 90.

The 28th Street Northeast ramp will be closed on Wednesday, and 11th Drive Northeast’s ramp will be closed Wednesday and Thursday. Several other closures will follow each day through June 27.

According to MnDOT regional community relations coordinator Kristin Kammueller, the I-90 project from Highway 105 to Mower County Road 19 is still on schedule despite poor weather and other construction delays around town. The I-90 project is slated for completion in mid-July.

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“They really aren’t behind despite the weather we’ve had,” Kammueller said.

The same can’t be said for other area projects, though. Consistent rainfall has slowed progress on the city’s street construction this summer, with most projects behind schedule and a few which may be pushed back, according to Austin Public Works Director Steven Lang.

“With the rain, underground construction has been slowed,” Lang said Monday. “Projects are running a little bit behind because of rain days and waiting for the materials to dry before we even start digging again.”

Only a few projects, such as the new stoplight at Oakland Avenue West and First Street, have been completed this summer. Other, bigger projects such as the pedestrian trail between Younkers and Target on 14th Street Northwest near I-90, and the street construction on 22nd Avenue Southeast by the new Mower County Humane Society, have been delayed. Lang said city workers expect to make serious gains on the pedestrian trail this week, though upcoming projects have been pushed back. Lang will meet with contractors Tuesday to determine whether some projects needed to start later this summer. All projects scheduled should be wrapped up by the fall.

“Once we get aggregate down on the roads, they really shed water off, so that’s our goal is to get aggregate on these streets so we can keep things rolling,” Lang said.

Construction also continues on the county’s Roosevelt Bridge project on Fourth Street Southeast in Austin. According to construction workers on site, weather has also caused delays. The project still needs to be completed by early November, they added.


Interstate 90 ramp closures and dates

—11th Drive Northeast, Wednesday, June 19 through Thursday, June 20

—28th Street Northeast, Wednesday, June 19

—Highway 56, Thursday, June 20

—Highway 218 South/21st Street Northeast, Friday, June 21

—Sixth Street Northeast, Saturday, June 22

—Oakland Place, Monday, June 24, through Wednesday, June 26

—Highway 105, Tuesday, June 25

—Fourth Street Northwest, Tuesday, June 25, through Thursday, June 27

—Highway 218 north, Wednesday, June 26