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Alleged soda thief dares homeowner to call cops; he does, leading to felony meth charge

Don’t dare somebody to call the police if you’ve given them a reason to do so.

According to a court complaint in Mower County, that’s what a Lyle woman did on Valentine’s Day after nabbing $7 worth of soda. The homeowner in Austin tried to confront Heather Fennell, 29, of Lyle, as she left the victim’s entryway with a 12-pack of Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper.

According to the victim, Fennell said, “Call the cops,” as she walked away. So he called the cops.

An officer followed Fennell’s car and arrested her for the alleged theft. At the jail, a meth pipe and 0.5 grams of meth fell out of Fennell’s pocket, the complaint adds.

Fennell was charged last week with felony fifth-degree drug possession, misdemeanor theft and petty misdemeanor drug paraphernalia.