Register to vote — the first step to empowerment

Published 4:52 pm Saturday, October 13, 2012

With elections around the corner we are all being inundated with advertisements from both ends of the political spectrum.

All the focus seems to be on the candidates when the most important people in any election are the voters. That’s right — you are the most important part of this election.

Too often we forget that voting is not only a right but a way to empower ourselves.

Our vote represents our beliefs and our hopes for our nation. It is also an opportunity for us to tell those leading our country what we expect them to be doing.

It isn’t just about what is happening in Washington, DC. The right to vote can influence what happens in your backyard. Each time you vote you empower yourself, and you make sure that your opinion matters.

Take the first step to empowering yourself and register to vote today. To learn more about how to register visit The Arc’s We’ve Got the Power website at

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