Just For Kix gets a boost

Published 9:10 pm Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Six-year-old Lauren Pike watches herself in the mirror as she goes through dance class at Just for Kix Tuesday evening. Just for Kix has expanded and renovated at their site in the Oak Park Mall. This room was recently completed with another room just about finished. -- Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

Just For Kix dance studio has always been big in Austin. Now it’s even bigger.

Just For Kix recently added 1,200 square to feet to make its studio a total of 6,000 feet and the dividends are already paying off. For one, the dancers don’t have to practice in the mall hallways anymore.

Amy Mallory gets the three-year-old class underway in one of the Just for Kix two large studios. With one complete, this studio still has a little work to go.

Due to the expanded space in one of the studios, dancers can now practice their full kick line formations in the studio, according Marny Rohr, who runs Just For Kix in Oak Park Mall.

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“Austin has a very good dance team and dance is very popular in town,” Rohr said. “Formations are a big part of dance, and now we’ll be able to do them all within the studio.”

The expansion also gives Just For Kix a lobby for parents and a coat room. By Christmas, a third studio will be added.

Just For Kix had nearly 500 dancers last year and after the first day of the season on Monday, the numbers seem to be around 500 again this year. Rohr said the sport is popular for various reasons.

Sydney Caruso, 7, struts her stuff in the recently renovated Just for Kix dance studio Tuesday evening. Another studio is nearing completion.

“I think kids love the movement, they love to dance, and they love being on a team,” she said “Plus, it’s really fun.”

Dance also allows for more competitors to participate. While other sports limit the number of athletes on the field at one time, a dance team can range from ten to 50 dancers, according to Rohr.

The Packer dance team, which has gone to the Class ‘A’ state tournament for 10 straight years, had 28 varsity dancers last season.

“There isn’t a set number that you need,” Rohr said. “If the girls are ready, chances are they’re dancing. There really isn’t any other sport like that. It’s very inclusive.”

Rohr, who has also coached with the AHS dance team for seven years, said dance also has a spot for every type of athlete.

As part of the renovation, Just for Kix redid their lobby area.

“There’s a place for the competitive girl who’s really focused and there’s a place for the girl who just wants to move and have fun,” she said.

Just For Kix offers for classes for dancers ranging from age two all the way up to dancers who are in high school.