Break the chain

Published 11:11 am Friday, May 25, 2012

This Friday the usual end-of-the-week refrain, “Have a nice weekend,” is being supplemented with the question, “What are you doing for the holiday?” For many, the answer involves going someplace else — to visit relatives, fishing, up north. For others, it’s a weekend when visitors come here. Either way, it means lots of families on the road and requires drivers to be particularly vigilant.

There is no sadder ending to a holiday weekend than a car accident that leaves people injured or dead. But every three-day holiday seems to bring more than its share of tragedies.

There may be no cure for a situation when an extraordinary number of people are all traveling the highways on Friday night and then again on Monday afternoon and evening. But there are a few measures that at least reduce the risk: Don’t drink and drive — not a drop. Don’t push the edge of exhaustion. Don’t text and drive. Use seatbelts. Above, all watch out for the drivers who are breaking those rules, because they are deadly dangerous.

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Virtually every accident is caused by string of bad decisions. Let’s all do our part to break the chain that leads to tragedy.