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Woman arrested on warrant allegedly punched officer in throat

An Austin woman pleaded not guilty Thursday to a charge that she allegedly punched an officer in the throat.

Brittany Sue Wadley, pleaded not guilty to felony fifth-degree assault with two or more convictions within three years.

Officers went to the 1800 block of Third Avenue NE on April 13 with a warrant to arrest Wadley. According to the complaint, Wadley came out when officers told her to; however, she allegedly swore at them and said she wouldn’t go with them and began flailing her arms and resisting. Before officers could arrest Wadley, she allegedly punched one officer in the throat. She was then handcuffed and placed in the squad car.

The report states that Wadley asked to apologize to the officer, but then made obscene remarks about the officer being the one who “took [her] baby away.”

When officers arrived at the jail, Wadley allegedly refused to get out of the car; and when she did, she began kicking and screaming again. The complaint adds that Wadley had to be put in a restraint chair, as she was banging her head against the concrete wall.

Wadley’s criminal record shows a conviction for fourth-degree assault and domestic assault in April 2011.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for July 13.