GMLOS girls win seven-team Hayfield track invite

Published 11:39 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012

HAYFIELD — The Grand Meadow-LeRoy-Ostrander-Southland girls won the seven-team Hayfield Invite Thursday.

Morgan Schmitz took first in the shot put and discus for GMLOS, Danielle Hanson took first in the 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles and the long jump and Elizabeth May took first in the triple jump in the 400-meter dash.

The GMLOS boys took fourth, while the Blooming Prairie boys took fifth, the Hayfield booys took sixth and the Lyle-Pacelli boys took seventh.

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Hayfield’s Hunter Anderson took first in the discus and shot put

The Hayfield girls took fifth, the Blooming Prairie girls took sixth and the Lyle-Pacelli girls took seventh.


4 x 800-meter relay: Jon Fleischmann, Tyler Oakland, Gabe Tempel, Sam Freiheit (Hayfield) (first, 9:09.50)

110-meter hurdles: Paul Apenhorst (Grand Meadow-LeRoy-Ostrander-Southland) (first, 17.22) ; Adam Koenigs (fifth, 19.70)

100-meter dash: Gabe Kartes (Blooming Prairie) (fourth, 12.11); Caleb Gilbertson (H) (fifth, 12.12)

4 x 200-meter relay: Zack Canterbury, Mike Felten, Marvin Heimer, Coty Kirtz (GMLOS) (second, 1:37.33); Albert Zamarripa, Michael Thomas, Alex Fiebiger, Cole Sunde (BP) (fourth, 1:44.22)

1600-meter run: Adam Driessen (BP) (second, 5:08.08); Juan Rodriquez (BP) (fourth, 5:31.62)

4 x 100-meter relay: Max Klingerman, Coty Kirtz, Marvin Heimer, Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (second, 47.97)

400-meter dash: Michael Thomas (BP) (third, 52.62); Mike Felten (GMLOS) (fourth, 53.62)

800-meter run: Zack Canterbury (GMLOS) (second, 2:11.05); Jonathon Koppa (Lyle-Pacelli) (third, 2:16.96)

200-meter dash: Mike Felten (GMLOS) (third, 24.60); Gabe Kartes (BP) (fourth, 24.77)

3200-meter run: Jon Fleischmann (H) (second, 10:54); Gabe Tempel (H) (third, 10:55)

4 x 400-meter relay: Adam Dreissen, Alex Fiebiger, Gabe Kartes, Michael Thomas (BP) (second, 3:47.57)

Shot put: Hunter Anderson (H) (first, 52-.5)

Discus: Hunter Anderson (first, 131-2)

High jump: Mike Ojulu (GMLOS) (first, 5-8)

Triple jump: Gabe Kartes (BP) (first, 41-2.75)

Long jump: Coty Kirtz (GMLOS) (second, 19-2.75)


4 x 800-meter relay: Sarah Holtz, Sarah Kahle, Madeline Kraemer, Annie Holtz (LP) (fourth, 11:24.50)

100-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 17.34) ; Rachel Oehlke (GMLOS) (fourth, 18.07)

100-meter dash: Sydney Bendtsen (GMLOS) (first, 13.70); Madison Heydt (H) (second, 13.87); Elizabeth Klocke (H) (fifth, 14.59)

4 x 200-meter relay: Sydney Bendtsen, Elizabeth May, Betsy Oswald, Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (first, 1:52.71)

1600-meter run: McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) (second, 5:35.53); Sarah Kahle (LP) (fourth, 6:12.99)

4 x 100-meter relay: Kelly Gray, Rachel Oehlke, Kaitlyn Kirtz, Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (first, 54.89)

400-meter dash: Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (first, 1:03.71); Madison Heydt (H) (second, 1:04.27)

300-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 48.93)

800-meter run: McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) (second, 2:30.78)

200-meter dash: Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (first, 28.51); Madison Heydt (H) (third, 29.47)

3200-meter run: Madeline Kraemer (LP) (third, 12:54)

4 x 400-meter relay: Danielle Hanson, Syndey Bendsten, Elizabeth May, Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (first, 4:18.63)

Shot put: Morgan Schmitz (GMLOS) (first, 28-.5); Marissa Jensen (BP) (third, 27-8)

Discus: Morgan Schmitz (GMLOS) (first, 106-2); Marissa Jensen (BP) (third, 78-11)

High jump: Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (second, 4-6); Rachel Oehlke (GLOS) (third, 4-4); McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) (fourth, 4-4)

Triple jump: Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (first, 34-0); McKenzie Kirtz (GMLOS) (third, 31-4)

Long jump: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (first, 15-8)