Published 4:21 pm Saturday, March 24, 2012

There are two ways to describe Globus’ debut 2006 album: epic and genre-splicing.

The Globus music project’s album was birthed largely out of Immediate Music, and chances are you’ve heard music from the company before.

That’s because Immediate Music specializes in composing music for movie trailers, and has been featured in trailers for the “Harry Potter” films, the “Spider-Man” films, “Avatar” and many more.

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The album “Epicon” was released in response to fans wanting an album of their compositions.

The result is immense production that’s part orchestra, part band, part collaboration.

The album was largely the brain child of head composers are Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman.

Dig it

I always enjoy music that combines genres and combine them well. Globus mixes rock and progressive music with orchestration.

It takes one part progressive rock, one part movie/video game soundtrack and blends them together.

The rock influences shine brightly on tracks like “Europa,” but then practically disappear on songs like “Madre Terra” mostly abandon rock notions for a more operatic sound.

The sound wields few low points, as it goes big throughout the album. Every song is a peak with few valleys. No matter what you’re doing — work, watching TV, playing video games — it makes you feel far more dramatic (in a good way).

 Didn’t dig it

While the sound is enticing, it’s very polished and produced. It really sounds like the performers stuck to the plan when going into recording. It would be fascinating to see what would be possible if they were free to let loose and experiment on this a little. They come close a few times, but the songs remain contained.

Listeners can tell the songs weren’t recorded together, as each track can truly stand alone. The tracks don’t necessarily flow perfectly together.

 Key track

“Spiritus Khayyam” mixes a little Middle Eastern and electronic flavorings in the with the orchestration to make for a very enticing track


Intrigued. The genre-splicing model on that has a world of possibilities. It would also be very fun to see some other rock bands record a whole album with an orchestra.

Talk is Globus is looking at releasing a new album.