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Pacelli celebrates Catholic schools week

Pacelli Catholic Schools carried on a grand tradition this week.

Pacelli celebrated Catholic Schools Week with plenty of hard work and positive things to show for it. Pacelli students got to wear different outfits to show school spirit throughout the week. In addition, the schools put on a coat drive and highlighted some of the inspirational academics taking place at Pacelli with an open house on Wednesday.

“We highlight the technology and how we integrate technology within (the school),” said Pacelli President Joe Steepleton.

There were plenty of activities for parents and students to share with the community at large, from memory games on class SMARTboards to rosary making to tests on the Constitution. Even Spyro, the biology class hedgehog was on display, though he won’t make an appearance in student studies until Pacelli students start their zoology unit.

Students were only too pleased to share their Catholic school pride this past week.

“It’s a great way you can show your school spirit and be proud of it,” said Tiffany Hoesing, freshman.

Hoesing said she enjoys Pacelli’s close-knit community and family atmosphere. She wasn’t alone, as many students shared their feelings on getting an education at Pacelli.

“The school always tries to give good examples for students,” said Anthony Servellon, freshman.

In addition, students brought in coats as part of a drive for Joseph’s Coat, a free story and community support organization in St. Paul. Those coats will go to help the needy in the Twin Cities.

“We wanted to do something a little different, rather than do the same thing we always do,” Steepleton said.

As Pacelli staff looked for causes to help, a Pacelli parent stepped up and asked for help as they work at Joseph’s Coat.

“We just decided it was probably about the best thing to do,” said Steepleton.

The schools didn’t forget the faith in their theme this year, “Faith, Academics & Service.” Though students got to show off at the open house and contribute to charity, they also got to attend mass, go through special morning rosaries and reflect on what God and the Catholic Church mean to them.

“(This week is) how we can share our faith and how we can be more open to God,” said eighth-grader Pinal Patel.