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Exploiting system

Are local Republicans trying to rig future elections for state house of representative and state senator?

In October 2011, the Supreme Court Redistricting Panel met in Mankato, Minn., to get input from citizens on the new redistricting map. The meeting turned out to be remarkable for the large number of Freeborn County Republicans who attended. Unhappy that they have had difficulty winning and holding the Senate seat and having only recently taken back the House of Representatives seat, they have decided to attack the problem by manipulation. It is sort of like a football team with a spotty record trying to better the odds by changing the size and shape of the playing field. I guess if you have trouble winning on issues, you exploit the chance to change the rules to get that little edge.

The group, which included Richard Murray, Matthew Benda and Alan Arends, complained that Albert Lea and Austin, and presumably Freeborn and Mower counties, no longer have anything in common. Forget that the two cities are only 20 miles apart, and many thoughtful people have suggested that they share common economic interests as rural towns deeply invested in the food industry. In fact, some might say that they have more in common today than in past years because Albert Lea today is proud to have within its border a company, Select Foods, which is closely related to Hormel.

Freeborn County Republicans might not be interested in working with Austin and Mower County. That is their choice. Freeborn County DFL-ers, however, are most certainly eager to do so.

Arthur Anderson,
Freeborn County
DFL Chair
Albert Lea