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Woman may get DWI after crash

An Austin woman may be charged with test refusal and DWI after she was involved in a crash Monday.

Emily Young, 24, tested well over the legal drinking limit under a PBT test after police found her at a crash site at Fourth Street and 18th Avenue NW, according to Police Chief Brian Krueger. Police were called to the scene at about 4:50 p.m. Monday where they found a gray Chevy Suburban sitting sideways with heavy damage on its right side, along with a Mazda Portage with heavy damage to its front.

A bystander reportedly yelled at police to stop Young from walking away from the scene. Young had a broken nose, facial swelling and redness of the eyes and nose, according to police reports. Police detected alcohol on Young’s breath and asked her to take a PBT test, where she tested over the legal limit, according to Krueger.

Young was transported to Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin, where she refused further testing by police. She is pending formal charges, but Krueger said Young could be charged with third-degree test refusal, fourth-degree DWI, inattentive driving and failure to yield right of way.

The other driver and child in the Suburban were uninjured, Krueger said.