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Police reports: Unwanted patron removed from Austin Public Library

Tuesday, 01/17

—Report of motor vehicle accident at Interstate 90 eastbound and 19th Street NE.

—Grand Meadow Ambulance dispatched to the 200 block of Grand Avenue E.

—Deputy assisted Gold Cross and First Responders at the 300 block of Fourth Street in Lyle.

—Report of motor vehicle accident with no injuries at County Roads 16 and 24.

—Gold Cross and Brownsdale First Responders dispatched to the 58000 block of 266th Street.

—Deputy took a theft report at the 2100 block of Seventh Street SE.

—Dupy checked the area at the 200 block of Fourth Street NW in Adams on a report of someone knocking at a door in the middle of the night.

—Officers assisted Gold Cross at the 200 block of 31st Street SW.

—Report of property damage at the 1800 block of Second Avenue SW.

—Officers assisted Gold Cross at the 1700 block of 22nd Avenue SW.

—Report of motor vehicle accident with no injuries at 17th Street SW and Oakland Avenue W.

—Officers assisted Gold Cross at the 2000 block of Fifth Avenue SE.

—Report of identity theft taken at the Law Enforcement Center lobby.

—Lift assist at the 700 block of 10th Avenue SW.

—State accident report.

—Report of suspicious activity at Eighth Street SE in Kaufmann Park.

—Report of fire at the 300 block of Second Avenue NE.

—Officer retrieved keys from vehicle at the Mower County Courthouse.

—Keys locked in vehicle at the 100 block of Fourth Avenue NE.

—Burglary report at the 1300 block of 11th Avenue NW.

—Officers were dispatched to check on noises heard by subject at the 800 block of Ninth Avenue SW.

—Officers were dispatched for debris on Interstate 90, Highway Department en route to pick up the debris from side of the road.

—Officers assisted in removing unwanted patron at Austin Public Library.

—Officers checked on a disabled vehicle on Oakland Avenue W. and County Road 46.