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Ode to the Insignificant

By Patti Nordin

To most I am insignificant

My existence is overlooked for the most part

I am cursed for my size at times

I am largely unappreciated

I have an important job, consisting of keeping my master

safe and secured

Yet my importance is most certainly overlooked


Yet every once in a while because of constant abuse

I wear thin and become, for lack of a better word, unraveled

I will separate myself from my master

It is then that my master recognizes my true worth

If he is a good master, he will look high and low to find me

He feels true disappointment and longing when I decide to

leave for good

But if I choose to be found

My master makes time in his busy day to replace me to my

original position

I receive better care and am appreciated on a level not

experienced before

I have no special name

To most I am simply known as