Staying power: Historical society honors landmarks

Published 7:55 am Monday, October 10, 2011

Mower County could have put a few more names and faces to its history files next March.

The Mower County Historical Society has started a new business and landmark award program, which will honor historic places within Mower County that have stood for more than 75 years. Dustin Heckman, executive director of the Historical Society, said potential award winners could be businesses that are still operating after 75 years, landmarks that are still in good condition or homes that have ties to significant events or historical figures.

“I think this is a great opportunity for the citizens of the county to recognize historic businesses and landmarks that have meant a lot to the business and history of Mower County,” Heckman said.

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Members of the Historical Society created the award this summer; and if things go well, they hope to hold nominations each year. This year’s nominations will come up for review in spring 2012. Anyone who submits a nomination will pay for the application, which will cover the cost of the plaques that all winners will receive. Though Heckman will serve on the decision committee, locals will get the chance to make the final decisions, as Heckman is looking for volunteers to select the winners.

“There’s a chance for people in Mower County to be involved in that process,” Heckman said. “So it’s not just the Historical Society, it’s actually coming from the citizens of the county.”

Nomination forms are now available from the Historical Society’s office and soon will be online.