Make buckling up a safety priority

Published 4:58 pm Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Minnesota, more than half of the motorists killed in crashes are not buckled up — resulting in more than 150 deaths and 400-plus life-altering injuries. In an effort to reverse those statistics, one of the largest statewide Click It or Ticket seat belt education and enforcement campaigns is running in October.

We often hear people say that their decision to not buckle up only impacts themselves. What they don’t recognize is that their unsafe decision dramatically impacts their family, health costs and more. Unbelted motorists suffer more serious injuries. It’s your family that will have to care for you, and it’s the state and every taxpayer who will have to chip in to pay for your hospital charges.

Unbelted deaths and injuries cost Minnesota $366 million annually in health care costs, emergency response, lost productivity and more, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the National Safety Council. We’ve made progress to increase seat belt compliance, but many people, especially teens and young adults, are making life-threatening decisions by not getting belted. Buckle up every ride, and speak up and insist your passengers are fastened.

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Amanda Stoa
Program Coordinator
Mower County Safe Communities Coalition