Austin swimmers fall to Northfield

Published 12:38 am Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Austin girls swimming and diving team lost at Northfield by a score of 98-74 Tuesday.


200-medley relay: Lindsey Halsey, Heather Johnson, Maddie Kinney, Lauren Edwards (third, 2:10.68); Lindsey McAlister, Jessi Bednar, Hannah Schuemmler, Megan Brown (fourth, 2:16.01)

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200-freestyle: Helen Heimark (second, 2:03.73); Rachel Vos (fourth, 2:16.58); Lila Johnson (sixth, 2:23.84)

200-individual medley: Maddie Kinney (third, 2:34.71); Merideth Fritz (fifth, 2:35.42)

50-freestyle: Heather Johnson (third, 27.47); Lauren Edwards (fifth, 28.34); Megan Brown (sixth, 29.86)

Diving: Autumn Laury (second, 198.65); Bailey Corey (fifth, 152.00); Michelle Erdahl (sixth, 120.25)

100-butterfly: Merideth Fritz (third, 1:09.85); Hannah Schuemmler (fifth, 1:16.24)

100-freestyle: Helen Heimark (second, 57.05); Lindsey Halsey (fourth, 59.90); Lindsey McAlister (sixth, 1:02.91)

500-freestyle: Rachel Vos (second, 5:54.39); Lila Johnson (fifth, 6:30.46)

200-freestyle relay: Heather Johnson, Merideth Fritz, Lauren Edwards, Helen Heimark (second, 1:49.69); Hannah Schuemmler, Courtney Bogle, Lindsey McAlister, Megan Brown (third, 1:56.93)

100-backstroke: Lindsey Halsey (second, 1:09.89); Maddie Kinney (third, 1:10.07)

100-breaststroke: Jessi Bednar (fourth, 1:24.70); Heidi Johnson (fifth, 1:31.48)

400-freestyle relay: Heather Johnson, Merideth Fritz, Lindsey Halsey, Helen Heimark (second, 4:04.06); Lauren Edwards, Hannah Schuemmler, Megan Brown, Maddie Kinney (fourth, 4:15.77)