Independence Party deserves a look

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As a founding member of the Independence Party, I have been talking about the need for a third party years. With Congress approval ratings at polling at 13 percent, it seems the majority of you agree. I have encouraged you to look at the Independence Party for new leadership in our state government. The IP is a state only party and not part of a national party.

For those of you who can’t see the IP being your choice, either because it’s a state only party or because of Governor Ventura, I encourage you to look at a new national party. The Modern Whig Party is that national centrist party you are asking for. Fiscally conservative, reform the tax code, simplify the government, support our Vet’s, and no bickering, this is the national party for you. The first territorial Governor of Minnesota, Zachary Taylor, was a Whig.

In 2007 Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan restarted this party. They felt that the two major parties were not taking care of their needs and that of their families. This is now the fastest growing political party in America attracting moderates from both parties and true independents. This party just organized in Minnesota and is called the Whig Party.

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If you are thinking of running for state or federal office and can’t see yourself running on a GOP, or DFL, or IP ballot line, look at the Whig Party of Minnesota. This is your option nationally to the two major parties that got us into this mess. Their websites are or

It’s time for a true change in government and this centrist party can give that to you

Michael Burger,