15-year-old injured in hit-and-run

Published 12:03 pm Monday, August 15, 2011

A 15-year-old girl suffered minor injuries after she was struck by a van in southwest Austin Friday.

The girl was heading to soccer practice riding on a longboard when she was struck by a silver-green van at the intersection of 12th Street SW and First Avenue SW Friday at about 6:30 p.m., according to Police Chief Brian Krueger.

She was struck from behind while she was crossing the street, according to police reports.

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A female passenger inside the van asked the girl if she was okay. The girl told them she was fine and the van drove off. The girl went to soccer practice and called her mom, who then called the police.

Though the girl couldn’t remember what the van looked like or what color the intersection lights were, a witness told police the van was silver-green and possibly a Dodge model. The witness told police the van’s driver looked to be a young man, possibly in his 20s. It’s unknown if the driver was drunk, but the witness told police the van swerved erratically before hitting the girl, and then drove off while the girl was still on the ground.

The girl suffered visible scratches on her left shoulder and kneecap. Her mother took her to Austin Medical Center to be looked at.

There are no suspects at this time, according to Krueger.

This is the second time a girl on a skateboard was hit at that intersection, according to Krueger. Another girl was struck at the same intersection last month.