Reader found column appalling

Published 11:42 am Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Brian Hildman

Interactive Design & Art Direction,

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University of Wisconsin-Stout

Your opinion written by Wallace Alcorn on the necessity for a constitutional ban on gay marriage (Monday, May 23) is absolutely disheartening. To have a writer so blatantly push discrimination onto a minority is completely against everything a Minnesotan citizen of the United States should be worrying about. Perhaps you should consider checking the ability of your writers to think outside of their little box of Christianity that so divisively cuts the population into black and white, forcing their religion to speak for everyone else.

Focusing on splitting family members against family members, neighbors against neighbors, and denying a group of people the right to be with who they love, is what’s wrong with our government. Please look towards improving the future for everyone through your articles, rather than limiting that of hard working American citizens and youth and putting the identity and self-worth of perfectly normal individuals at jeopardy. Words are weapons — any newspaper can agree on that, and I am appalled that this was printed and distributed by your company.