County board moves ahead with new leadership

Published 7:42 am Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The ‘rookie’ county board selected the man to lead them in 2011.

During the county board’s annual meeting Tuesday, First District Commissioner Tim Gabrielson was selected as chairman of the board for 2011.

The year doesn’t promise to be an easy one, as the board will continue to work to balance its budget when the state could still decide to make cuts to County Program Aid.

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Fifth District Commissioner Mike Ankeny was elected as vice-chairman of the board.

Austin’s two newest county commissioners took part in their first board meeting. Jerry Reinartz took over in District 3, and Tony Bennett took over in District 4.

“We’ve got basically rookie commissioners,” County Coordinator Craig Oscarson said

Aside from 2010 Chairman Ray Tucker, the county board will be made of commissioners in their first terms — including three commissioners who have served less than a full year. However, Oscarson noted Gabrielson and Ankeny have learned the ropes quickly.

The board set committee assignments for 2011. Gabrielson said the board attempts to assign a commissioner to an even number of committees so each board member represents the public equally.

What committees is your commissioner serving on?

Tim Gabrielson, District 1 — Chairman, 2011 Negotiating Committee, Finance & Purchasing, Buildings & Grounds, County Extension, Water Quality Joint Powers Board, Community Health Services, County Board of Health, Road & Bridge Committee, LEC Advisory Committee, Ordinance Committee, Regional Housing, SCHSAC (alternate), Siebel Visitation Center Advisory Board

Mike Ankeny, District 5 — Vice Chaiman, 2011 Negotiating Committee, SEMCAC, Personnel, Solid Waste, Court System, Community Health Services, RC & D, County Board of Health, Road & Bridge Committee, SEMREX Joint Powers Board, City/County Joint Issues (quarterly meeting), Transit Board (AMCAT)

Jerry Reinartz, District 3 — Buildings & Grounds, Planning, County Extension, Court System, Water Quality Joint Powers Board (alternate), Interstate Trail Committee, Austin Development Corporation, County Board of Health, Road & Bridge Committee, Family Connections, Austin Library Board (no vote), City/County Joint Issues (quarterly meeting)

Tony Bennett, District 4 — SEMCAC, Personnel, Solid Waste, Planning (alternate), Interstate Trail Committee, County Board of Health, Road & Bridge Committee, LEC Advisory Committee, Regional Housing, Transit Board (AMCAT)

Ray Tucker, District 2 — Finance & Purchasing, Law Library, EMS Joint Powers Board, JT. PA Board (PIC), County Board of Health, Road & Bridge Committee, Ordinance Committee, Family Connections, SWCD Board (no vote), Rural Energy Task Force, Historical Society Strategic Planning