Dog kennel, wash may be Austin bound

Published 7:32 am Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Austin residents may soon have a place to leave their pets when they leave town on vacations and trips.

The Mower County Board of Commissioners approved a conditional use permit for Sheryl and Bill Hertle to start a dog daycare and a self serve dog wash.

Though there’s no timetable set for the business to open, the business would be operated on the Hertle’s property, which is located east of Austin.

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Some of the commissioners noted that this will be something many people in town can use.

“You can get a babysitter easier for your kid than you can a pet,” Commissioner Tim Gabrielson said.

However, they’re not going to accept all dogs at the kennel. Bill said all dogs must have updated shots. The dogs must also be pets that are tame and obey their owners.

“If you can’t handle your dog, she doesn’t want it,” Bill said.

“We’re not trying to injure our dogs or her (Sheryl),” he added, noting that the couple owns six dogs.

Before a dog can be dropped off at the kennel, the two need to meet the pet and then they’d enter into a contract with the owners. The longest a dog will be able to stay at the kennel is a week or two for the duration of a trip. Along with leaving a pet at the kennel for the duration of a trip, some people will also be able to leave their pets at the kennel for a day.

The business will also feature the K9000 coin-operated dog wash, which people can use for $1 a minute.

There is currently a K9000 dog wash in Rochester and a similar dog wash in Blooming Prairie.

The permit does set out some stipulations. The biggest concern was noise from barking. Bill said the two plan to install a 6-foot fence around their property. Smaller fences will be used inside the property for the dogs.

The Hertle’s property will have two accesses: one for the residence and one for the business, according to Bill.