Habitat for Humanity hosting playhouse raffle

Published 7:30 am Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Freeborn-Mower Habitat for Humanity is jumping head-long into the new P.L.A.Y.house Challenge fundraiser.

The fundraiser will pit Mower County against Freeborn County in a competition to see which one can sell the most raffle tickets. The wining county will get to select which preschool will be donated a Habitat for Humanity built playhouse.

“There has been a bit of a divide between the two counties and we are hoping for a little healthy competition to boost our fundraising,” said Andy Sundal, head of the new fundraiser and AmeriCorp VISTA Church Relations.

People wishing to pledge can also vote for which preschool in their county should receive the playhouse. For every $50 named to a preschool, that preschool will gain a ticket for the winning county’s drawing. The preschool that wins that drawing will get the playhouse. The eligible preschools in Austin are First Congregational Preschool, Discovery Learning Center and Apple Lane Preschool. The Freeborn preschools include Children’s Center, Salvation Army, and Head Start.

The fundraiser is a change of pace for Habitat for Humanity. Traditionally, the playhouse would be the prize for the raffle it held each year. Habitat for Humanity performed that raffle for the last five years and raised over $10,000 in funds for low-income housing projects.

This year, the county that receives the most donations will receive the prize.

“We hope the competition will motivate people to solicit more,” Sundal said.

The proceeds of the fundraiser will go to finishing Habitat for Humanity’s building project in Albert Lea.

Volunteers will be soliciting donations outside the Austin and Albert Lea Hy Vee, Target, Walmart, Oakpark Mall and all the listed preschools from 2 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Schedule subject to change based on volunteer availability.