Sunday Neighbors

By fishermen. For fishermen.

This, the premise of a new Austin business opened recently by father and son team, Dennis, 55, and Travvis Stayton, 30.

The duo opened Home of the Brave Outdoors, a Web-based business, in April to sell fishing lures handcrafted by Travvis.

“I fish a lot and I started making lures for myself awhile back because they were getting spendy,” Travvis said.

Several great catches later, he decided to sell his spin lures — for trout — to the public.

He’s also expanded the collection to unique crank baits for walleye, and deer calls for hunting.

In just a couple short months, and before advertising their business, has had sales come in from Iowa, Ohio, New York and Colorado, Travvis said.

“Eventually we might want a storefront,” he said. “I’m not sure where yet.”

Travvis said he tries out each of his prototype lures before selling them.

His nicest catch with his own lure may have been the 36-inch Northern Pike he caught opening day on Lake Elysian this year, while testing out a “Sassy Shad” crank bait, he said.

Travvis, who has a full-time job in human services, and Dennis, who is a full-time truck driver, spend the bulk of their time not crafting lures in their basement workshop, but rather thinking about designs.

“It takes about five minutes to put one together, but I spend a lot of time studying lures and trying them out, too,” Travvis said.

Part of the business that did not take up as much brainstorming time was its name; Travvis knew he wanted a business named “Home of the Brave Outdoors” years before he began crafting lures.

“I’m an avid hunter and fisherman, and I enjoy fishing and hunting shows,” he said. “I just came up with the name and knew someday I’d do something with it, maybe my own show, maybe a business.”

Travvis said he likes the name because his family has long celebrated both patriotic and outdoor traditions.

Sixteen different lures and one deer call are currently available through Home of the Brave Outdoors.

“We’re coming up with new things and seeing where it goes from here, taking it day by day,” Travvis said.

For more information about Home of the Great Outdoors, go to or call 581-4294.