Renovations to modernize Austin’s Holiday Inn

Published 7:09 am Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Austin’s Holiday Inn is undergoing one of its largest renovation projects in more than a decade.

The modernization project is coming as part of the overall Holiday Inn company “relaunch” program.

“It’s kind of a brand re-imaging,” said general manager Scott Davy.

The hotel’s exterior will be remodeled to include new entrances, paint and landscaping. A new Holiday Inn sign has already been installed along Interstate 90.

The hotel will also update amenities across the hotel interior.

Davy said the updates are aimed to add a new level of service for customers.

Along with new bedding and other updates to the rooms, a new elevator will be installed and the lobby will be remodeled. There will also be a new fitness center. Davy said the remodel is designed to give the hotel a modern, upscale look.

The renovations aren’t limited strictly to the hotel. Torge’s Live Sports Pub will add a number of flat screen high definition televisions and an outdoor fireplace. Davy said there will be a number of new weekly specials to compliment a wide selection of live entertainment like music, karaoke and other events.

Davy said the project shows the company’s commitment to the Austin area for years to come.

“It’s a substantial investment in the Austin community,” Davy said.

The project is scheduled to be completed by September.