Police cruiser in two-car crash

Published 6:08 am Friday, June 4, 2010

An Austin Police cruiser was involved in a two-car accident late Thursday morning.

The accident occurred when the cruiser driven by Officer Ryan Leif was turning onto Fourth Street NW from the Interstate 90 westbound exit ramp was struck by a Honda Civic traveling northbound on Fourth Street NW.

The cruiser was responding to a call and moved into the intersection through a red light with both lights and sirens on. According to Minnesota State Patrol reports all traffic was stopped when Leif entered the intersection but the Civic’s driver, who admitted to not seeing Leif, moved forward after the light turned green.

Trooper Charlie Colby said Leif had slowed nearly to a stop while heading through the intersection.

There were no injuries and the only citation given was to the driver of the Civic for no insurance. The driver’s name was not released.