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Forum aims to get answers

For such as time as this. In every generation moments of truth arise, many of them with life or death decisions. In this land of liberty our task is easier: We have reputational decisions. Should I speak up for truth and have people think I am a — horrors — a TEA party member, or should I hedge? For the last year the Mower County TEA party has been trying to bring issues to the forefront for you as a voter to consider the impacts on your life. We have been supported and ridiculed for these actions. One point of contention has been associating the TEA with Republicans only.

Let us explain the basis of the next TEA scheduled for 5-7 p.m., Monday, June 21 at the Mower County Senior Center. The invitation was sent ( both in a phone calls and internet) to all candidates running for the 1st Congressional District position that Mr. Walz now occupies. Questions will be received from the audience, grouped by subject via the moderators, then to be given to all the candidates to answer. The Republican Randy Demmer and two Independent candidates: Lars Johnson and Steven Wilson accepted our request for this forum. Mr. Walz’s office has not confirmed his attendance as of this writing.

The TEA asked the local Mower County Democrat contact for a moderator to join the list of a Republican and Independent to make this forum as bi-partisan as possible. A representative was to be given, no name as of this date has been provided. All candidates have been notified of this request and current situation.

Now is the time to ask questions and get straight answers from the candidates competing for the chance to vote in Washington. Let your voice be heard or hedge, the choice is yours. But let it not be said that the Mower County TEA is for Republicans only. See you on the 21st.

Cindy Stevens

Mower County TEA Chairman