LETTER: Acceptance a key in election year

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where do Minnesotans stand?

The antigay marriage commercials being run on KAAL and KIMT again bring to light the polarizing and divisive issue of accepting gays and lesbians into mainstream American culture. This year is an important election year for Minnesotans and gay rights will be on the minds of voters from every political persuasion this fall. I urge Minnesotans to look past the issue in a black-and-white context and focus more on the importance of healthy relationships to our community, our families, and our state. Healthy relationships sustain us through tough times, help us get through hardships and celebrate in our triumphs. Whether or not the relationship is between a man and a man, a woman and woman, or a man and woman should really be insignificant. Accepting others for who they are and extending a hand to the disenfranchised is part of who we are as Minnesotans, and I ask that you remember that this fall.

Brady Voigt

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