Goodhue knocks off Lyle/Pacelli baseball team

Published 4:51 pm Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Lyle/Pacelli baseball team had its season end 11-1 at Goodhue Saturday.

The ninth-seeded Athletics (3-10 overall) had seven hits, but their defense didn’t make enough plays.

“It was kind of a review of what has been this year and we didn’t give our pitcher much help,” L/P Reid Olson said. “We thank our seniors four their hard work and our younger guys should play as much baseball as they can this summer and put in some work.”

L/P hitting: Skylar Meyer, 1-for-3; Carter Guthmiller, 1-for-3, RBI; Michael Lonergan, 2-for-2, HBP; Matt Kasel, 1-for-1; Sebastian Williams, 1-for-1, R; Kyle Meyer, 1-for-2, double